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About Teen CERT

As a teen, there are probably many things you are told you can’t do. But there is one very important thing you can do: Learn to protect yourself, your family, and your friends in case of a disaster.

Why Join?

Would you know what to do if an emergency struck your community? Your school?

After a disaster, professional responders will be needed everywhere. In the chaotic aftermath of an emergency, who could help until professional responders arrive? Who could be the first person on-scene to step up? The answer: You.

When you see a classmate’s or a teacher’s look of fear, you can be the support they need. You can direct friends to safety. You can help those who are hurt. You can be a leader in your school.

In most emergencies, the victim or a bystander provides the first immediate assistance. Joining Teen CERT teaches you how to respond when others look to you for help.