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EMD receives funds from federal and state agencies to build and enhance our capabilities within Riverside County. In total, we receive funding from 17 different sources, including grants and medical providers. Below are a few of the largest grant programs providing financial support to EMD:

State Homeland Security Grant Program

The State Homeland Security Grant Program (SHSP) financially supports strategies to address planning, equipment, training and exercise needs to respond to acts of terrorism or catastrophic emergencies and disasters.

Activities financially supported by SHSP must support terrorism preparedness, including:

  • Implementing training and exercises aimed at enhancing response capability skills for first responders (fire, law, emergency medical services, and public health), as well as the medical/health community.
  • Providing a pharmaceutical cache for treatment or post-exposure prophylaxis for first responders and non-traditional first responders, such as medical staff, public health and those individuals who provide front-line emergency or essential services.
  • Purchasing equipment to enhance response capabilities for first responders and the medical-health community.

SHSP Deadlines

Emergency Management Performance Grant

The Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG) provides financial support to State and local governments for continuing the development of their comprehensive, all-hazards planning, training and exercise programs. EMPG funds are used to support activities that contribute to the Operational Area’s (OA) capability to prevent, prepare for, mitigate against, respond to, and recover from emergencies and disasters.

Riverside County applies for EMPG funding each year, then provides these funds in sub-grant options to cities throughout Riverside County. These grant funds are implemented by cities to enhance their emergency management capabilities and engage community members in preparedness efforts.

EMPG Deadlines

Public Health Emergency Preparedness

The Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) grant provides us with allocations and guidance to promote public information, preparedness, prevention, research, and surveillance for public health. PHEP also aims to achieve critical requirements and priority projects, such as multi-agency collaboration at all levels of government, emergency preparedness for at-risk populations, support and equipment acquisitions for the Department Operations Center, certification of the Riverside County staff in Incident Command System, Standardized Emergency Management System, and National Incident Management System compliance through the provision of training and exercises.

Pandemic Flu

Pandemic influenza is a global event in which most populations worldwide are at risk for infection. In past pandemics, influenza viruses have spread worldwide within months. Today, pandemic influenza is expected to spread even more quickly given modern travel patterns.

EMD, alongside the Riverside University Health System - Public Health, works with other local, state and federal agencies to prepare for an influenza pandemic. community members also need to take action to prepare. It is important to stay informed and plan ahead for an influenza pandemic. Visit the RUHS-Public Health pandemic influenza website for more information on preparing for pandemic influenza.