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Alert RivCo

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Alert RivCo allows emergency managers and public safety first responders to rapidly alert and warn the public in the event of emergencies.

Alert RivCo is used to alert Riverside County community members of urgent actions to take during disasters, such as earthquakes, wildfires, and floods.

Some cities in Riverside County have a city alerting system as well. Click on your city in the map below to see if your city has its own alerting system, and make sure you register for that system too.

To register cell phones and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) use the registration portal. Traditional landline phone numbers are automatically registered -- even if the number is unlisted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: What will Alert RivCo be used for?

A: Alert RivCo is used to alert and warn residents and businesses of Riverside County in the event of emergencies such as wildfires, floods, hazardous materials, severe weather, and certain law enforcement incidents. Alert RivCo is part of a group of alert and warning tools used in Riverside County. Other systems include the Emergency Alert System (EAS), and the Emergency Digital Information System.

Q: What phone numbers are part of Alert RivCo?

A: The primary phone number for every business and residence in Riverside County with a traditional, landline phone service, whether it is a listed or unlisted phone number.

Q: Are cell phone numbers or Voice Over IP (VoIP) part of the system?

A: No. Currently cellular and VoIP providers are not mandated to release their records to public safety agencies. You may add your cell phone and VoIP numbers via the registration portal.

Q: Can I receive Alert RivCo notifications via email?

A: Yes. When registering you can add your email address.

Q: I have a landline. Can I also get phone and text notifications on my cell phone?

A: Yes. Emergencies won’t always happen when you are home. We encourage all residents to register their cellular phones as well. Alert RivCo can also send text notifications.

Q: Does the city I live in have its own alerting system?

A: A few cities in Riverside County do have their own alerting system for city residents. We encourage people to sign up in the city they live if that city has its own system. Because there are city areas in close proximity to unincorporated areas and near other areas served by Alert RivCo it makes sense to register with both systems. Below is a list of the Riverside County cities that currently have their own alerting system with links to the page for each city's respective system.