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Riverside County EMD Service Vehicle

February 14, 2022

Riverside County EMD received a grant from Cal OES to address Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) Resiliency in 2019 ($979,476) and in 2020 ($489,738). EMD met with stakeholders in the Operational Area (OA) to discuss project priorities in the event of a power outage - planned or unplanned. Immediately, two priorities were highlighted: Access to fuel during power outages and power at shelters during mass care and shelter operations.

EMD Partnered with the Office of Education, DPSS, Facilities Management, Fleet Services, and County Fire and Sherriff’s Office and identified (20) County Fuel Stations that were not backed up by a power source. In addition, DPSS and Office of Education identified six (6) shelter sites that historically were used for shelter operations.

Facilities Management contracted an electrician to install an electrical transfer switch to each station – this will allow a generator to provide power to the site. In April 2021, the electrical company started working on the installs and will complete the final site by mid-June 2021.

Mobile generators will also be placed at the 26 sites. Eighteen (18) mobile generators (150kw or 200kw) purchased with CARES Funds will be stationed at the County Fleet, RSO and school sites. These generators will be available to deploy for mutual aid requests. The Fire Department opted for fixed generators, which were purchased with the PSPS Grant Funds and are projected to be installed at the stations by the end of October 2021.