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Preparedness Isn't Scary at Halloween Event in Desert Hot Springs

Event attendees crowd around the preparedness booth during the event.

November 2, 2022

Often the thought of what would happen in the hours and days after a major disaster can be scary. On Saturday, October 25th we attended the Happy Healthy Halloween Zombie Walk. Being prepared can make dealing with disaster much easier. While Zombies isn't something we normally plan for, the Emergency Management Department, along with the county Public Health Department regularly attend community events to spread the word about how families can prepare for various emergencies. Our website is another place you can learn more about how to prepare for emergencies. Take time now, before the next emergency, to prepare you and your family.


Event flier announcing Happy Healthy Halloween Zombie Walk on Saturday, October 25th from 5pm to 9pm. Event attendees at the EMD/Public Health booth.EMD and Public Health employees stand at the event booth.EMD staff show preparedness items to a family standing at the event booth.Event attendees at the EMD/Public Health booth.