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If you live in the risk area, see below for helpful information.

FEMA Flood After Fire Fact Sheet
Flood After Fire Infographic

Community Meetings

A community meetings was held 10/27/2020. Future meeting dates will be posted here.


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Sandbags and can be purchased from many home supply, construction and some hardware stores. A limited number of sandbags can be picked up at most fire stations. Sandbags picked up from fire stations are intended to protect your home in an emergency and are not filled with sand. Go to to find your nearest fire station.



Most homeowners insurance does not cover floods or flows from natural disasters. Make sure your home is protected. Refer to the National Flood Insurance Program website at


Act now. Most flood insurance policies take up to 30 days to go into effect.

Burn Assessment Reports 

A team of experts from State and Federal agencies are currently evaluated the soil impacts after the Apple and El Dorado Fires. The reports will be posted here with they are available and will offer recommendations for public agencies and property owners.


Official Sources of Information





Some communities in Riverside County feature characteristics such as unique topography or limited evacuation routes. In some of these communities Public Safety officials utilize zones to alert residents of emergencies and to conduct evacuations. By knowing your zone you will be able to quickly react when evacuations are called for. These zones may be used for a number of emergencies but are primerily used for fires and storms/flooding. Zones may be subdivided depending on the emergency and conditions to lessen the impacts on a community so that only those in danger are evacuated or notified.

Riverside County agencies are working with various other agencies to evaluate the Apple Fire and El Dorado Fire burn scars in the Cherry Valley/Beaumont/Yuciapa area. As more information becomes available about the potential for mud and debris flows from these fires, that information will be shared here.


When dangerous conditions approach, this risk map will show areas under evacuation warnings and orders:


During evacuation warnings and orders, you should leave immediately and seek shelter outside all evacuation zones.


If you are told to evacuate but you stay, you are risking your life. If you do not evacuate when evacuations are called for you could be isolated and trapped without help for many days, with roads impassible and utilities disrupted or destroyed.


  • BLUE areas of the map indicate areas that are at risk for flooding, mud and debris flows. Impacts to these areas may include roads that may become impassible and deadly, as well as disrupted or destroyed utilities.
  • YELLOW means a zone is currently under Evacuation Warning: Potential threat to life and/or property. Those who require additional time to evacuate, and those with pets and livestock should leave now.
  • RED means a zone is currently under an Evacuation Order: Immediate threat to life. This is a lawful order to leave now. The area is lawfully closed to public access.

Evacuation Zone Map

Image of the Apple and El Dorado evacuation zone map. This image is a clickable link that will take viewers to the actual interactive map, where they can enter their address to determine which zone they live in.

The image above links to an interactive map to assist residents in determining which evacuation zone they are in.

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